About us

Humans Write is the first port of call for travellers who want to know more. You can:

  • Find out about human rights issues and experiences of social issues in the place (or places) you’re travelling to, written by people like you who’ve been there.
  • Use the discussion forums for tips, suggestions and local insight, as well as a place to stay for some or all of the time you’re there. All we ask is that when you get back, you write about your experience travelling and how it influenced your understanding of human rights and social issues there.
  • Write a blog about your experience of social or human rights issues on your trip.

Who are we?

Tricia - web maestro

Tricia (web maestro)

Humans Write was started when a few young writers from around the world got together during the M100 Youth Media Workshop 2009 in Potsdam and tried to think of a way to make a difference. We don’t have a lot of money, and we all have ‘proper’ jobs that take up our time. So what could we do to highlight the struggles for human rights that are going on, mostly unreported, around the world? We decided we all travel, we can all string together a decent sentence and we can all keep in touch online. After a brainwave by Yulia, and a bit of website trickery by Tricia, Humans Write was born. The website is new, and we’re learning as we go, but Humans Write will hopefully grow as people like you get involved. Keep in touch with us, let us know what you think, what you love and what you hate and we’ll do the same.

How can you get involved?

You don’t have to be a journalist; anyone who’s travelling abroad and wants to find out more about human rights and social issues in the country they are visiting can be a ‘human writer’. You can find out about, and write about ANY ISSUE, ANYWHERE. Nothing is off limits, nothing is too small or too big to cover. We’re a small community at the moment, but the more experiences and knowledge you share with us, the bigger we get… so what are you waiting for?


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