What is Humans Write?

26 09 2009

Memorial fence at Ground Zero, New York (2005) taken by TriciaThis is Humans Write, the travel blog with a difference: we don’t just talk about the places we visit, we talk about the people who live there.

Met any inspiring people? Discovered a different way a community/country deals with a social issue? Saw a public protest in the country you visited? You can write a blog about it, upload pictures or sumbit a video clip on Humans Write!

There are three simple ways you can use the Humans Write blog:

1. Get information on a country or a theme – read the entries about the place you are visiting. Blogs/pictues/videos are created by other travellers like you. We share our opinions, observations and experiences of the country we have visited. You don’t have to be a journalist or work in human rights to submit a blog, you just have to be interested in what’s going on around you while you’re travelling.

2. Go on the discussion forums – If you can host someone coming to your country, are looking for a place to stay, can be a guide or just need some some information from a local, let us know on our discussion forums. All we ask is that if you do use information from our site, or stay with someone from our community, you submit a blog in return.

3. Submit a blog – share your experience of what you discovered about human rights or social issues in the place you visited. Post pictures you’ve taken while in another country or send up a video clip of you or something you’ve filmed.

Esther (a Humans Write community member) in IndiaSo, what is a human rights issue anyway?
Well, at Humans Write we think anything that affects communities and individuals in the places you travel to are worth hearing about. This could include how communities and individuals are tackling poverty, gay rights, environmental awareness, women’s rights, discrimination, responsible tourism, the political situation – ANYTHING that has an impact on the lives of local people. It doesn’t have to be an academic piece, or written like a research paper – just share your thoughts and experience about a place you’ve visited.