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Typewriter   To send a written blog you can email:
   or paste it into the box below. 


Old fashioned cameraHumans Write Flickr group – to send photos just upload them to our Flickr group
(you can do this even if you don’t write a blog).
You will need to join the group to submit photos, but this only takes a couple of minutes.


Old fashioned film camera


If you want to send in a video clip, you can email it to


 Man with megaphone

Discussion forums – and don’t forget: you can use the  to hunt for a place to stay, a guide, or just ask questions about where you’re going.



All you do is go somewhere, have a great time and when you get back tell us about a social issue in the place you visited (or, if you’re really keen, you can blog while you’re still there!).

The rules for submitting a blog are simple:

1. You have to have visited the place you are writing about

2. You’re writing your opinions, observations and experiences, but try and be as accurate as possible with the facts

3. No racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination and no advertising comercial services.

4. We prefer blogs to be written in English, but you can submit articles in any language. We will try and translate them into English and put up both language versions. Translations can be tricky, however, so it may take a while for your article to appear on the blog.

5. Pictures are great, but you must get permission from any people who can be recognised in the photo. If you haven’t got the person’s\peoples’ permission, let us know and we can cover up faces. 


Image credits: typewriter –; camera –; video camera –; megaphone man –


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